The President's Easter message

The President's Easter message

To the UCP Academic Community,

In the Christian calendar, Easter presents the ultimate example of God's love for humanity. It is also a particular moment of renewal and reconciliation. In a catholic university, the celebration of Easter is a renewed occasion to point out the university's responsibility for the development of society, for the promotion of social solidarity, for growth frameworks that foster greater integration and less inequality, for the defence of peace and social cohesion. 

At UCP we promote the spirit of Easter reconciliation in the countless voluntary activities we promote, whenever we integrate country missions and community intervention initiatives, but also when we stimulate service learning, when we produce science that improves the human condition and the planet, when we creatively reinvent our habitat.

Faced with the enormous contradictions in today's societies and the spread of war, the university's mission to uphold people's dignity is becoming increasingly important. The challenge facing us is to use the immense arsenal of knowledge and creativity that we have gathered to form ethically and intellectually the rich and diverse reality of our students from more than 108 countries with different cultures and different religious options, to promote the academic fulfilment of the UCP's incredible professors and researchers and the professional growth of our collaborators. 

May the Easter renewal bring you and your families a renewed sense of purpose and communion. Only in this way will we win the future! Happy Easter!


Isabel Capeloa Gil,