ADN Católica

The Catholic Alumni and Descendants Network is a network of families, with different generations of alumni and their descendants, who share the fact that they have studied at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and therefore have the same Alma Mater, to which they return at this time of celebration.
The generations of Católica
Braga da Cruz Family

The Braga da Cruz family is divided between Lisbon and Porto.

In Lisbon, Manuel Braga da Cruz graduated in Philosophy in 1968. He was the rector of the Catholic University between 2000 and 2012.

His sons José Maria and Bernardo also studied at the Catholic University, but in different areas.

José Maria chose the area of Law and is now a lawyer. Bernardo chose the area of Communication, as did his wife Joana. Bernardo specialised in Marketing and is today Operational Marketing Manager at Jerónimo Martins. Joana is currently Senior Account Manager at BBDO.

Isabel's sister, Luísa, also chose to study Food Engineering. Today she is Key Account Manager at Gás Natural Fenosa. Rita Braga da Cruz, Isabel and Luísa's cousin, graduated in Law in 1997 and is a self-employed lawyer.

José de Mello Family

The José de Mello cousins chose UCP for a variety of areas. Diana de Mello and Helena Bleck chose Social Communication. Diana graduated in 2008 and then also took her MBA. She is currently a Press Officer at Unimagem. Helena is in the third year of her degree.

Manuel, Vasco and Duarte José de Mello preferred the area of Management. Manuel and Vasco both graduated in 2014. They are currently Business Analyst at the Spanish Tennis Federation and Business Development at Fidelidade, respectively. Duarte graduated in 2016.

Luz opted for the area of Law, a course she completed in 2010. Today she is a lawyer at Amaral Cabral & Associados. José Manuel chose the UCP in Viseu to graduate in Dental Medicine. He finished his degree in 2009 and today he is a Dentist. José Maria is currently in the second year of his degree in Political Science and International Relations.

Albuquerque family

The Albuquerque family is divided between Economics and Law.

Alexandre de Albuquerque graduated in Law in 1985, and is a partner and lawyer at Albuquerque & Associados.

His brother André de Albuquerque chose the area of Economics, a degree he completed in 1996. Today he is a director of CUF Químicos Industriais, SA.

Alexandre's children Martim, Manuel and Constança are also divided between the two areas. Martim and Manuel chose Law and Constança chose Economics. They are the three current students.

Matilde, André's daughter, preferred the Law area and is currently attending the third year of her degree.