Entrepreneurship at UCP: Católica Alumni Stands Out with a Neuromarketing Company

Entrepreneurship at UCP: Brainding

Universidade Católica Portuguesa takes pride in highlighting the success of its alumni in various fields, including innovation and entrepreneurship. Catarina Alves Ribeiro, a student in the Master's program in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, is an excellent example. With a solid background in Marketing and specializations in Strategy and Digital Marketing, Neuromarketing, and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Catarina is applying her knowledge to help companies better understand consumer behavior.

After a career that took her through various areas, from event and communication agencies to the real estate market, Catarina founded Brainding Portugal in January 2022. The communication agency stands out for offering research, training, intervention, and consulting services, all focused on understanding the human brain and applying that knowledge practically in the world of marketing and communication.

"Brainding arose from the need to better understand the impact of companies' marketing and communication strategies on the consumer's mind in order to make communication more targeted and sustainable," explains Catarina in an interview with Marketeer.

Catarina worked on projects with various brands, such as MEO in the "Sharing Home" initiative, where they “identified aspects and requirements for a more effective connection between young people and the elderly, significantly improving the overall experience of this socially impactful initiative. They also collaborated with Keune Haircosmetics, providing communication consulting services, content creation and publication on social media, and internal marketing, using an approach based on the client's cognitive processes”.