Logoplaste donates €2 million to Universidade Católica Portuguesa


The Universidade Católica Portuguese received today a donation of 2 Million Euros from Logoplaste, by the shareholders Filipe de Botton, Alexandre Relvas, and Alex Wagenberg.

Filipe de Botton and Alexandre Relvas are the first UCP Alumni to make a donation to the new campus of the Catholic University in Lisbon, Campus Veritati.

Filipe de Botton, Alexandre Relvas and Alex Wagenberg, representing Logoplaste, donated 2 million euros for the new campus, which will be built at the premises of Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Lisbon. This campus will allow the growth of the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, a management school of the Catholic University in the European top 30, with strong internationalisation and which also has a partnership with the Kellogg School of Management for the executive training of business leaders.

Logoplaste has supported the activities of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) for over 40 years, participating in several joint initiatives. This donation is a natural consequence of this successful and long-term partnership between UCP and Logoplaste. Filipe de Botton and Alexandre Relvas are both former UCP students, and were distinguished in 2006 with the "Career Award". They are regular speakers at UCP, sharing their experience as successful managers.

Alexandre and Filipe were both, sequentially, Presidents of the Alumni Association for more than 15 years. Their commitment to the University, as well as to their students, is unquestionable.
The spirit of "giving back" is a long-standing tradition at Logoplaste and adopted by the Carlyle Group. When the donation proposal was presented, the decision was a natural one for Carlyle and Alex Wagenberg

The project will begin construction later this year and is scheduled to open in late 2023.

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